Part of the Words of the Future exhibit.

Accompanying the poster was the following text:

1968: A member of the Black Panthers writes the word(s) ‘SOVIETCONG!’ on a wall with a spray can, in Jean-Luc Godard’s movie One plus One. 1972: Klaus Dinger designs the cover for NEU!, the first album by NEU!. 1917: Vorticist painter and writer Edward Wadsworth collaborates in the design of ‘dazzle camouflage’ schemes for the ships of the British Royal Navy. 1967: Daniel Buren fills the streets of Paris with a series of posters that borrow the stripe motif of a popular type of awning canvas, he calls them affichages sauvages. 1990: A group of DJs from Philadelphia use a psychedelic geometric pattern and bright pink paper for the flyer announcing the rave they’ve organized. 1963: Yale University Press publishes the first edition of Josef Albers’ The Interaction of Color. 1958: Guy Debord makes The Naked City, a map that shows the attraction and repulsion between the different psychogeographical sectors of Paris.