Data analysis and product design to change how people think about their energy usage.

Bulb Energy Futures

Bulb asked us to create propositions that would help them acquire and retain customers based on customer energy usage data.

Pattern: Two peaks. Weekend peaks are typically later than their weekday equivalent.
Pattern: Bulge. This pattern typically shows little variation between weekdays and the weekend.
Unclassifiable. e.g., What causes the regular oscillating pattern in the morning?

Analysis of the usage data led to the creation of new customer segments based on how people use energy throughout the day, month, and year.

Our analysis, combined with research into how people read bills, underpinned the design of new ways to present energy usage data to customers to help them make better decisions.

We developed a mobile billing app that helps customers understand how much they were saving through solar generation, when to switch their billing plan, and more.

Live usage data was used to create an iOS widget, along with in-app displays, to help people tune into the patterns of their energy use.