Helping women and midwives communicate on the birth centre.


1-to-1 is a pilot service that connects patients and carers, making it easy for women to get accurate and efficient care from their midwife or nurse when they aren’t in the room.

Women (and their partners) on the birth centre are supplied with a simple app for communicating with their midwives.

Midwives can receive messages, prioritise tasks, and manage their workload. The system makes the entire ward’s workload visible to all stage so there is never confusion about who is responsible for each woman.

Each element of the wider service, which included software, hardware, and coaching, was simple and accessible with at least one fallback in case of failure so that no one would ever be fully out of the loop.

To make the pilot inclusive while also moving quickly to test the concept, we set up an iPod loan program for midwives who didn’t have an iPhone. Pre-setup iPods with reference material and protective sleeves were given out to midwives on the birth centre, making it easy for everyone to participate and advertising the presence of the service to the uninitiated.