A mobility analytics service to help cities manage traffic, parking, and emissions.

Ford CityFlow

We were asked to help develop an ‘intelligent transport system’, starting with tools for parking, traffic, and emissions. City data is a complex tangle of ownership, contracts, and technologies. We helped Ford find the required data by auditing myriad sources including emissions, asset management, traffic counting, and parking.

City-stack diagram

Early research showed that city managers do not have the tools needed to fully utilise their own transport network data. We began prototyping with the idea of removing obstacles and streamlining processes.

Corporate cartography diagram

Understanding the flows of power in cities was key to making this project happen. We mapped out where decisions about software were made and what the requirements of the different user groups were.

Suspension planning prototype

We helped Ford navigate the complexity of city management and mobility analytics by making the strategy tangible through prototypes they could use to start practical discussions with the city managers.

“After the Flood’s team understood the multi-faceted complexity of Smart Urban Mobility better than any of our other partners. They helped us cut through the complexity with their research and frameworks around city user needs as well as their expertise in data auditing to show us what was possible. And on top of prototypes, they helped to shape our product strategy and to create a go-to-market plan.”

Sagie Evbenata, Product Owner, Ford Smart Mobility